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"ALE is a very professional logistics engineering company. They responded quickly to changes in requirements and delivered quality analysis and maintenance job aids."

-Project Manager, Telecommunications

About Acquisition Logistics Engineering

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The qualified analysis team at ALE has over 30 years of experience providing a full range of technical, management, analytical and logistic product services to a wide range of customers. Our team of logistic engineers and technicians provides our customers with a unique blend of design understanding and practical application in areas such as life cycle cost analysis, failure analysis, human factors and safety, quality assurance and the development of technical manuals. Our team also has a great blend of military experience with former officers and NCOs from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.

Acquisition Logistics Engineering (ALE) was formed in 1984 by Mr. Charles O. Coogan, C.P.L., to assist industry and government with the development of effective and efficient tools to perform systems and logistics analysis at the front end of programs. We assist our clients in their effort to continually improve the quality and value of their products by addressing the product life cycle in its entirety, by controlling the cost of product ownership, and by including product support in product design.

We know that the cost of owning a product is an independent variable that can be controlled through the product development process. ALE's core business beliefs are founded on the basic principle that implementing proper and timely actions enables us to treat cost-of-ownership as a product performance parameter - just as we would horsepower, flow rate, weight, or speed.

Throughout our history, we have developed methods used by product and process developers to deal with cost as a performance parameter and not as a byproduct of the design. These methods, the application of ALE developed tools, validation of proper operation, and usage of streamlined analysis methods enable our clients to reduce costs and improve their products.

ALE's experience ranges from small short duration programs to large multi-year programs: from very simple devices to complex systems; and includes both hardware development programs and process improvement programs. A sampling of ALE's diversity of program involvement with which we have experienced consistent success includes the U. S. Coast Guard Integrated Deepwater System (IDS); NASA Cost Estimating Tool; SAM II - Swedish American Minesweeper Concept Development Program; US Army's LSV-7 and MTRCS programs, US Navy's LSEOS, USAF DOAMS, Maui Space Surveillance Site (MSSS) 3.7-Meter Telescope, Armored Security Vehicle; Jetstream 41 Power Distribution Units; STARacer ATM Router; and various military and commercial aircraft programs including the US Army MH-60, CH-47, and RAH-66; USAF C-17, C-130, F-15, F-22, and GTTA; US Navy F-18, V-22, and F-35; Boeing 787 and Airbus A380.

ALE offers services in four broad categories - Analysis Services, Management Services, Logistics/Product Support Services, and Training Services. Our services are designed in recognition of industry's need to streamline the product development and fielding process while improving attention to after-sale considerations. Each service category is applicable to a different aspect of the product development process.

ALE has a proven track record of successful streamlined analysis programs for commercial and government customers including: