Acquisition Logistics Engineering
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"ALE is a very professional logistics engineering company. They responded quickly to changes in requirements and delivered quality analysis and maintenance job aids."

-Project Manager, Telecommunications

Acquisition Logistics Engineering Portfolio

Coast Guard Cutter

We are proud of the vast number of private and government clients we have served in our more than 30 years of logistics support and consultation.

Our portfolio features a few projects that we feel demonstrate the breadth of our experience and capabilities.

Please take a look at Advanced Electronics, the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S.C.G Deepwater, Optical Sight System and Construction of an Educational Facility.

System Level Analysis

ALE’s life cycle engineering capabilities and experience have been successfully applied to the development of complex systems to reduce ownership cost and improve user satisfaction. Examples of our successes in system level analysis include:

Subsystem Level Analysis

ALE has worked successfully with subsystem integrators who are responsible for design, integration, production, and life cycle support of a group of complex equipment that provides critical system functions. The objective of subsystem level life cycle analysis is the selection and integration of the equipment in a safe, reliable, and supportable way.

Equipment/Item Level Analysis

Complex systems are put together with complex equipment, and the inherent reliability, safety, and life cycle support characteristics of that equipment has a great influence on the reliability, safety, and life cycle support at the system level. Over our 30 year history, ALE has performed analyses on hundreds of pieces of complex equipment used in ground, airborne, naval, and space environments. Our successful application of life cycle analyses, including reliability, maintainability, safety, human factors, and supportability analysis, has improved the safety and availability of virtually every military and commercial aircraft designed in the past two decades, as well as countless military systems that are currently in use.

ALE’s equipment/item level analysis experience includes: