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"ALE is a very professional logistics engineering company. They responded quickly to changes in requirements and delivered quality analysis and maintenance job aids."

-Project Manager, Telecommunications

Facility Construction - ALE Portfolio

ALE Facility Construction

ALE led the analysis of a life cycle cost program performed on a modern facility designed specifically for educational use. ALE approached facility design in a manner similar to how the US Government has avoided spending billions of taxpayer dollars on complex and expensive systems using life cycle cost analysis techniques. By tailoring this life cycle cost technique, developers, architects, and owners were provided the insights needed to make informed decisions affecting not only the total ownership cost of the facility, but their environmental impact as well.

In order to effectively make decisions regarding the environment and life cycle cost, an analysis environment was established utilizing a team of experts from varying fields of industry. The interdisciplinary team was knowledgeable in areas of site development, construction, HVAC, educational environments, maintenance and daily educational facility operations. Through utilization of ALE's unique tools and techniques, team members applied their expert knowledge to determine the long term implications of construction, operation, maintenance, and disposal alternatives for the facility.

A series of alternatives were generated for the facility and analyzed according to a program specific set of tools developed by ALE. These tools utilized cost of system components, in present and future dollars, as well as system level objectives set forth by the team to analyze impacts to the system. A series of estimates of total system cost were developed throughout the program. An initial baseline cost estimate was developed based on the construction and operation of a "typical" elementary school. Alternatives analyzed and selected for incorporation into the system design were included into the follow on cost estimates. In total, a series of 4 cost estimates were developed for the program incorporating decisions made and their total cost impacts.

ALE provided facility owners all analysis outcomes in order to make the "best" decision regarding the facility and program objectives. Facility owners made all the design decisions in consideration to the green and life cycle cost impacts as well as educational environment impact to students. This technique provided decision maker's visibility to cost drivers in terms of life cycle and environmental impacts, while also enlightening the team to a more proactive design approach that would be applicable to future efforts.