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"ALE is a very professional logistics engineering company. They responded quickly to changes in requirements and delivered quality analysis and maintenance job aids."

-Project Manager, Telecommunications

Management - ALE Products & Services

ALE Fighter Jet

ALE's program management approach successfully integrates reliability, maintainability, safety, quality assurance, logistic support analysis, and human integration analysis. We have consistently improved the quality of our commercial and government customers' products and services while reducing cost of ownership.

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Data Management

Data Management is a powerful tool that provides a structure for organizing business data. ALE defines and implements data management processes to ensure the optimal data value for our customers.

ALE's vision for data management is to establish an environment that seamlessly addresses this critical business issue and results in higher profitability.

Proposal Preparation and "Red Team" Evaluation

ALE has a very successful history of assisting our customers in developing winning proposals. Our experience in team building, theme definition, addressing requirements, and persuasive writing makes ALE the logical choice as a team member for your Capture Manager. In particular, ALE can comprehensively address the program logistic requirements and integrate the overall program objectives into the proposed design.

ILS Management

Our mission of enhancing logistics engineering capability in commercial and government organizations has focused our efforts on becoming leaders in the integration of traditional logistical analyses. ALE develops focused program level logistics insights and effectively communicates these insights to program management.

Configuration Management and Control

ALE applies the principles of Configuration Management (CM) to establish and maintain consistency of a product's performance, physical, and functional attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life cycle.

Risk Identification and Mitigation

Risk management is not only a contractual requirement, but essential for a business to survive and flourish. ALE has developed tools and techniques for use by our customers to identify and track risk issues early in the product life cycle and for Management to utilize that information to effectively employ the appropriate program resources.


ALE provides training and mentoring to your staff to develop your company’s in-house capabilities in Logistics Engineering and Analysis. Our workshops emphasize hands-on, practical exercises tailored to your business.

"We train everything we do and do everything we train."

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