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ALE Data Management Workshops

ALE's data management workshops provide our clients with valuable information and resources to better conduct their business.

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Configuration Management

Configuration Management (CM) is the process of managing change in an organization and capturing and controlling product data. The objective of CM is to reduce Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and improve performance of systems and equipment by effective system documentation and management.

This three-day workshop is designed to provide an understanding of the CM discipline. It discusses basic and advanced CM processes; promotes understanding and implementation of government/industry requirements; and maintains control of engineering, production, and post-production hardware activities. Participants will learn about the five basic elements of a CM program and how they are applied throughout a system's life cycle. In addition, participants learn how to improve communications among internal organizations, subcontractors, vendors, and customers.

The desired learning outcome for this workshop is an understanding of the objectives, benefits, and overall approach for applying CM to modern systems and equipment. Workshop participants will learn about the relationship between CM and a program's systems engineering and logistic engineering activities.

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