ALE successfully provided the full range of ILS services over the acquisition phases of a program

A world class producer of advanced electronics systems had entered into a proposal effort to produce the communications systems for a major aircraft program. The initial proposal effort was determined by the system integrator to be unsatisfactory. This threatened elimination of our client from the competition. ALE accepted the challenge to rapidly revise the logistics portion of the proposal. This resulted in re-instatement of our client in the competition. ALE then participated in the negotiations with the system integrator that resulted in award to our client.

ALE applied its specialized data management skills to produce a Subcontractor Data Requirements List (SDRL) that, after ALE’s negotiations with the vendors in three countries, substantially reduced data cost while meeting all contract requirements.

Based on ALE experience with the proposal effort and our specialized ILS management skills and techniques, we provided the client with a full-time, on-site ILS manager to implement the proposal program. During this time, we assisted the client with selection and training of an internal ILS manager. ALE then assumed the role of assistant ILS manager and mentor of the internal ILS manager.

Over the next several years, ALE continued to support the program by preparing some of the key documentation such as ILS Plans, Logistics Support AnalysisProvisioning Analysis, etc. This approach enabled our client to meet all ILS related deliverables within original cost estimates.

The result of ALE’s participation in this important program was an overall reduction in program cost greater than the total cost of the ILS portion of the program. This was done while satisfying the full range of ILS requirements and developing a highly qualified staff of ILS managers and logistics engineers at the client’s facility. This staff has gone on to apply their talents developed under ALE mentoring on many current programs.

This case study demonstrates ALE’s ability to perform its basic mission, which is to improve our customers’ products and processes by applying state of the art logistics engineering to get the job done at a lower cost while developing our client’s ILS skill sets. We can do the same for you.

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